About Us

Shudder Films is a multi-award winning production company that works with talent to develop narrative cinema in a range of genres.

Building upon a strong background in shorts, our first feature film, 'Hackney's Finest', is scheduled for release in 2014. Shudder Films acted as co-producers for Rickety Shack Films, and Framestore. We continue to focusĀ upon well developed, thought provoking and commercially viable work that will appeal to specific target audiences. Please take a look at our slate of upcoming feature films currently being developed and financed.

Shudder Films has successfully accessed funding from several different sources and our work has been exhibited in a variety of ways. We continue to nurture relationships with our growing list of repeat collaborators, which includes BAFTA winning, Emmy winning, and Oscar nominated writers, directors and producers.

Please take a look at our work, past, present and future.

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